2018-2019 Donors

Thank you for your generous support of PTA Programs that enrich the learning experience of every Borel Student!

(Last updated on December 14th)


Adle Family

Aguilar Family

Aguilar Family

Allen Family

Anagnoson Family

Auyeung Family

Baldini Family

Bales Family

Bent Family

Berg Family

Boyd Family

Brandt Family

Campbell Family

Cardillo Family

Catalano Family

Adrian & Mary Castiglia

Cetz Family

Chan Family

Chang Family

Chaturvedi Family

Chavkin Family

Choi Family

Christgau-Aquino Family

Cismoski Family

Comisso Family

Michelle Corbett/ Mark Nachlis

Costantino Family

Cote Family

Daniel Family

Darbot Family

Desantis Family

Dickinson Family

Dodge Family

Don Family

Dougherty Family

Duong Family

Fox Family

Fukatsu Family

Fukunaga Family

Fox Family

Geller Family

Gerber Family

Gilbert Family

Gomez Family

Gorman Family

Green Family

Harris Family

Hayden Family

Herrarte Family

Hershberger Family

Higaki Family

Hollandsworth Family

Hsieh Family

Hwang Family

Imboden Family

Ishioka Family

Jacobs Family

Jain Family

Johnson Family

Jordan Family

Kammer Family

Kane Family

Kang Family

Kantor Family

Kim Family

Bruce and Daphne Kavich

Keating Family

Kelley family

Kennedy Family

Kiaaina Family

Kim Family

Kissko Family

Kwan Family

Kwok Family

LaBeaud Family

Lau Family

Lee Family

Lee Family

V.M. Lee

Lenhard Family

Levadoux Family

Lew Family

Lew Family

Lingenfelter Family

Livingston Family

Loardia Family

Lott Family

Ludwig Family

Mallette Family

Malloy Family

Mar Family

Margolin Family

Marks Family

Martin Family

Mayor Family

Mazzola Family

McAlister Family

McCormick Family

McKenzie Family

McMillan Family

McNeil Family

McNeil Family

Miller Family

Moon Family

Morgan Family

Mueters Family

Liana Myagkov

Mylan Family

Nagao Family

Nahhas Family

Nations Family

Nichols Family

Nicolas Family

Noehren Family

Jabari & Maryam Norton

Nunez Family

Ornani Family

Ortiz Family

Pachtner Family

Papan Family

Parada Family

Parecki Family

Pate Family

Pavolotsky Family

Paz Family

Peachin Family

Pendergast/Schneider Family

Perez Family

Perlson Family

Phillips Family

Pisaro Family

Platz Family

Potsiadlo Family

Putnam Subaru & Putnam Mazda

Radhakrishnan Family

Rangel Family

Reidy Family

Richardson Family

Rokala Family

Rose Family

Rubinstein Family

Ryan Family

Salotti Family

Sanchez Family

Schell Family

Diana, Lucas, Lindsay Schumaker

Shaghzoian Family

Shehadeh Family

Shelton Family

Robert & Julia Shen

Shih Family

Shirley Family

Simms Family

Sloan Family

Spencer Family

Stanton Family

Stubbins Family

Suri-Rashid Family

Szwarcberg Family

Tabor Family

Takemoto Family

Tang Family

Tonas Family

Tran Family

Tsao Family

Ullrich Family

Van Dillen Family

Vattuone Family

Vengco Family

Victor Family

Vinyard Family

Viswanathan Family

Waring Family

Watson Family

Wetizman Family

Willems Family

Williams Family

Wilson Family

Wright Family

Wohlwender Family

Yang Family

Yeh Family

Yen Family

Yi Family

Yokota Family

Young Family

Zimmerman Family